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Symbolizing purity, softness, and perfect balance, White is a truly inspiring theme for the Collection, whose values are based on minimalism and olfactory excellence. To echo the Material, the Collection reveals an immaculate bottle in a deep and luminous white... And because Collection Extraordinaire is all about Nature and Poetry, the floral pattern of the Collection is delicately printed all over the bottle just like engraving For Patchouli Blanc, the history of Patchouli has been the major inspiration, an authentic Patchouli which inevitably leads us to the sensation of silky, enveloping cashmere. A terribly seductive, clean scent with a pure, crystalline freshness that expresses the idea of a soft and cottony white. A special quality of Patchouli has been selected, a fractional essence, a more ethereal and floral version, which I combined with a bouquet of fresh roses on a delicate musky, woody signature

Van Cleef & Arpels Patchouli Blanc

₨48,000.00 Regular Price
₨40,800.00Sale Price
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