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Ideal for

  • Dry, brittle and damaged hair
  • Split ends
  • Strengthening

Application area

Apply to wet hair. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse.

Aromachologie Intensive Repair Mask

  • Hair feels stronger, more resilient and seems to shine with vitality. The hair fiber seems coated and strengthened, the hair’s natural shine is revealed. The new formula contains a repairing complex with a blend of essential oils, composed of Angelica, with anti-breakage patented efficacy. This formula also helps smooth hair fibers and bring vitality and shine. HAIR IS 3X* STRONGER, SPLIT ENDS ARE 3X* MORE REPAIRED* Instrumental tests on the Intensive Repair routine (shampoo, conditioner and mask), compared with untreated hair. The cocktail of 5 essential oils (ylang-ylang, sweet orange, lavender, geranium, and angelica) promises a pleasant sensory experience, while the exquisite scent awakens the senses. Benefits:- Helps repair and strengthen hair- Silky and radiant with vitality, hair reveals its natural shine User Test Satisfaction:- Upon application, hair is gently detangled (94%) and enveloped in a veil of softness (88%)- After one month, hair feels repaired (78%) and very soft (78%)*Satisfaction test over 32 volunteers.

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