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This new flanker to the Mercedes-Benz Man fragrance is inspired by the charms of the Middle East, but it is appealing to everyone. Based on the wonderful olfactory power of woody notes, Mercedes-Benz Man Private will attract those who already know and appreciate these powerful ingredients, but also those who will discover their strong trails. There is a deep and very warm dimension to them that is simply intoxicating. And all these qualities naturally evoke the color of brown wood.

As you would expect, Mercedes-Benz Man Private is the ideal perfume for a young seductive man. He is obviously elegant and very attractive, but he also has a special attitude: with his slightly arrogant look, he draws the attention. And at the same time, his expression is truly charming…and immediately effective, so the magic happens!


The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Cresp. Top notes are Cypress, Cardamom and Artemisia; middle notes are Labdanum, Ambroxan and Lavender; base notes are Cedar, Patchouli and Cashmere Wood.

Mercedes Benz Man Private

₨20,000.00 Regular Price
₨18,000.00Sale Price
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