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The perfumer Caroline Dumur stands at the center of the stage to represent the third scene in MASQUE MILANO Opera Act of Love
“Tonight she is Imogen… and tomorrow night she will be Juliet”.

For this fragrance, Alessandro and Riccardo couldn’t help pointing the spotlight on the quintessential flower of love: her majesty the Rose. A rose soliflora: love on stage.

The bottle design depicts a magnificent rose, pierced by a dagger. As in the perfect love tragedy.

Caroline’s rose is turbulent and vivid, offering up a bloom that makes us feel the scent of it and want to wear it’s beauty, participate in its frenzy.

Upon vaporising, the rose appears fresh and dewy, its spicy aspect enhanced by geranium and ambrette seeds, and the metallic facet boosted by rose oxide.


LOVE…: Rose oil Turkish LMR, Geranium oil Egypt “for life” LMR, Love Skin accord (Ambrette Absolute LMR, Rose oxide)
…KILLS: Rose absolute Turkish LMR, Patchouli Oil Molecular Distillation Indonesia LMR, Love Scars accord (Cedarwood oil, animalic musks, Ambrarome)


₨40,000.00 Regular Price
₨32,000.00Sale Price
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