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(homage to) HEMINGWAY

Reading a short note list does not mean that one should expect to be smelling a simple composition. On the contrary: exactly like the prose of Hemingway – where short sentences, straight to the point, were actually pointing at a very deep meaning – the perfumery style of (homage to) Hemingway is minimalist in the notes yet very complex in the evolution (in particular on skin).

Fanny managed to achieve such a result through outstanding natural raw materials: the complexity of each of these stunning materials would be enough to make the single material a finite perfume in itself. She also overdosed the vetiver: the primadonna of this creation occupies almost the whole stage. The three vetivers account for a total of almost 60% of the total weight in the formula. This, united with a high oil concentration, arguably makes Hemingway the fragrance with the highest percentage of vetiver in the market.

The formula was finalised by adding an unexpected Caribbean vibe: avoiding the bergamot and lime clichés, Fanny introduced the vibrancy of the typical citrus head-notes without using a citrus: fresh, lemony and zesty ginger, paired with the sour facet of rhubarb.


Head Notes: Ginger oil fresh LMR, Rhubarb
Heart Notes: Vetiver heart LMR
Base Notes: Vetiver oil Haiti LMR, Vetiver oil Java Molecular Distillation LMR, Cedar wood oil, Patchouli oil Molecular Distillation LMR, Leather


₨35,000.00 Regular Price
₨31,500.00Sale Price
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