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Idôle Aura Eau de Parfum, the first sun-kissed scent by Lancôme, teleports you to those late summer nights. This comforting and energizing fragrance eludes the essence of rose and dazzling jasmine, accented by a refreshing aroma of salted vanilla.

As unique and unstoppable as the energy that radiates from within every Idôle - share the light of success with Idôle Aura as its ambience transfers from one Idôle to another. From Idôle Aura to you and the Idôle’s who surround you.

Together, there is no limit to our future and what we are capable of.

Together we are unstoppable, together we are all Idôles.


TOP: Essence of Isparta & Centifolia Roses
MIDDLE: White Jasmine & Bergamot
BASE: Salted Vanilla

The first sun-kissed floral scent from Lancôme with sustainably sourced Isparta roses and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.

Grown in Isparta, Turkey surrounded by lakes and bathed in sunshine, the essence of Isparta & Centifolia roses radiate a velvety aroma as their soft warm petals are sensually heated by the sun.

Dazzling Jasmines and Bergamot engage in a luminous and playful dance creating a sparkling and crisp scent.

The richest and most exceptional vanilla melts into a pot of musks and crystals of salt for a deep salty decadent treat.

Lancome Idole Aura Eau De Parfum

₨35,500.00 Regular Price
₨31,950.00Sale Price
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