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Ideal for

  • Moisturizing your skin
  • Delicately perfuming your skin
  • Helping to refresh your skin

Application area

Spray 7-8 inches from the face, with eyes closed, and neck.

Aqua Réotier Fresh Moisturizing Mist

  • Light and fresh like water from a spring, this refreshing mist combines the powers of the incredibly calcium-rich Réotier water with those of hyaluronic acid.This beauty water is a true source of freshness you can use anytime to quench thirsty skin.It hydrates and helps energize skin instantly. Fresh and radiant, skin feels revitalized.You can also try it to help set your makeup.For centuries, a natural water spring has been running at the heart of the Provence mountains, collecting rich minerals and rising up at the Réotier Spring. Thanks to its high calcium content, this incredible water helps skin maintain its hydration barrier and retain moisture.L’OCCITANE has paired this powerful Provence water with hyaluronic acid in an ultra-hydrating skin care range, for healthy-looking skin.Skin Type- All skin typesSatisfaction Test:- 90% overall satisfaction- The mist is fresh: 100%*- The mist is light: 94%*- Skin feels instantly refreshed and quenched: 100%*- Skin looks more radiant and beautiful: 90%*- Skin feels revitalized and immediately hydrated: 97%*- Skin feels energized: 94%**Consumer user test (self-evaluation) of 31 women for 28 days with an application at least twice a day.

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