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Gucci Guilty fragrances heralds a scent narrative, inspired by finding freedom in reveling in the senses. Surrounding with a sensorial experience, the scent is a contemporary rendition of an Ambery fragrance created from the signature notes of Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Homme and Pour Femme, infused with the iconic resin of Oud. Mysterious and elegant, Gucci Guilty Oud is imagined through a walk in a forest. There, the scents of nature infuse into one another, with an undergrowth ripe with wild blackberries and woody, earthy nooks that meld into a deep and intense perfume. The scent A precious and powerful composition that envelops the wearer, master perfumer Alberto Morillas reinterprets, under Alessandro Michele’s creative vision, the Ambery Oud olfactory category.

Gucci Guilty Oud is composed from the ingredients of Guilty Absolute Pour Homme and Pour Femme, with blackberry, Golden Wood and a multi-nuanced Oud note. A walk in a mysterious forest shapes the scent’s structure. Upon entering, rays of light illuminate the tree’s leaves and hidden flowers and berries. Top notes of rich blackberry, spicy pink pepper and elegant and Bulgarian rose portray the romantic mood of the sunny forest. Misty shaded areas are expressed through earthy notes of Goldenwood, patchouli and cypriol. Shadowy and secret nooks are conveyed in an enigmatic dry-down of dark Ambery notes, Leather and natural Oud. The scent experience is exotic, warm smoky, sensual and leathery.


₨39,500.00 Regular Price
₨35,550.00Sale Price
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