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The newest version of Si Passione presented in January 2022 is SI PASSIONE ECLAT DE PARFUM, which once again connects the beautiful and elegant Cate with the modern and rosy floral fragrance. The newest Armani fragrance is composed by perfumer Julie Masse.


"Sì Passione Éclat de Parfum opens with a sparkling citrus note of bergamot and a bright accord of black currant, demonstrating the lightness and new green freshness of the fruity notes characteristic of Sì aromas. At the heart of the composition is an attractive feminine duet of roses: gentle pastel-powdery centifolia and sweet, enveloping damascene. The base is composed of white musk, which gives the fragrance a clean and soft sensuality, while vanilla extract gives it a warm, captivating sound.

"The sillage is light, fresh, and at the same time delicate and enveloping. The iconic Si bottle, with a luminous ruby lacquer finish, reflects the radiant character of the fragrance, sparkling like a jewel."


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